Mini Reader(Mifare)
Mini Reader(Mifare)

Mini Reader(Mifare)



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Product Description

Adaptive to Various Environments

The device adopts resin encapsulation and complete metal case. It is adaptive to various environments and easy to install.
● With metal or plastic appearance.
● Easy to install.

Multiple Choices

The product series consist of a great variety of ID and IC models.
● Support EM4001, 4100 or other compatible RFID cards, frequency: 125 KHz.
● Support Mifare One IS50, IS70 series, frequency: 13.56MHz.
● With keyboard and without keyboard.

Full sealed Design, Dustproof and Moisture Proof

All Anson readers adopt epoxy resin sealed design, which effectively protects reader from damp and dusty environment. With seamless connection technique, user can choose strong metal appearance or practical plastic appearance.

No Mechanical Wear and Durable

This device adopts advanced radio-frequency circuit design and built-in embedded high-end microprocessor. This greatly reduces the mechanical wear between reader and card and makes the reader durable.

Product Parameter

Item Parameter
Model ASR-2609
Card Type Mifare card
Work Frequency 13.56MHz
Read Distance 2~4cm
Output Format Wiegand26/34
Read Time < 0.1s
Working Temperature and Humidity -10°C-50°C / 10%-90%
Power Supply DC12V/40mA
Size L84xW43xH13mm

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